Boxing Day12

by juliecround

Calming down at last, although family events are proving unfortunate. So many people get ill this time of year. Hubby and I took the dog down onto the beach yesterday to make a break from being stuck indoors with repeats on the TV.It made us laugh to see him jumping the groynes after his ball. This supposed to be a dog with a bad foot? He scents out his pills every morning and we have to be devious to get them into him. We have taken to hiding quarters in anything with butter on it as that seems to fool him. Otherwise he chews round the pill and spits it out! Funny about Worthing, it seems to send everyone who visits us to sleep. Either they are very tired and relax when they get here or we are very boring! I bought a twenty pence book on my new Kindle but don’t know how to make spaces on the keyboard yet so I can’t order anything that isn’t listed. I’ll study it this afternoon. Turkey and ham pie nearly all eaten, ditto home-made Christmas pudding, so it’s beef in tomato sauce and pasta for tea.Happy new Year.J.