New Year

by juliecround

Happy New Year,all. It has started well, with my daughter in law out of hospital, my great nephew pleased with his Christmas present, my aches and pains lessening and hubby’s appointment with the dentist arranged.
I have also finished my first story on Kindle. I bought Thursdays in the Park and was amazed how similar her style was to mine.I have loaded another book,from America, but will not read it until I have finished the Dean Koonz I have out of the library. I am enjoying reviewing books on Librarything and playing Crambo, a rhyming game that is getting addictive.One day I’ll get back to writing!
I also got hooked on a house hunting site, not for myself – we are here for the duration – but for the family with the new baby due.Trouble is, houses are another compulsion of mine. I really enjoy comparing them. Must stop. I didn’t do my ‘morning pages’ this morning as we woke so late . Perhaps this will do instead. The idea came from a book called ‘the Artist’s Way’ which a friend recommended. I’m trying to see if it works but don’t hold out much hope. I’m too set in my ways.It is an alternative to meditation, but I’d rather read! Best Wishes to all, J.