All happening again

by juliecround

I’m giving up numbering the myhaps in case I make a mistake, but this week is settling down to be quite productive at last. After purchasing items we wanted before Christmas but got much cheaper in the sales I have now begun to put the start of my next novel on the computer ( I write them in longhand first) I am only part way through but the next stages are stewing nicely in my imagination and once I have this lot finished I’ll carry on.Without Twitter I have much more time to use the wordprocessor and my reading has also reduced as reading on a kindle is like eating a microwaved meal instead of a home cooked one. The ingredients are the same but the enjoyment is less.
Writing Mag. came this week and looks great. I will have to resist the temptation to enter a competition. At least the payment from People’s Friend came through so I’m not only a self published novelist and poet – I’m a journalist too!I was scouring the edition for literary festivals and it seems there is one in Edinburgh when we are there.Hubby was hinting at a cottage holiday with the dog in the spring.It is hard to plan with the new baby due in March. Pity about the change of venue for the Jazz – we’ll check it out sometime – and book the Monday night one. Folk on Sunday – it’s all happening again!