daring to show

by juliecround

Looking at followers’ blogs I realise that it is possible to put a short piece from one’s writing on here – so here goes. If it gets flagged I won’t do it again. The story so far is that Bernard, a man with learning disabilities is finding work making a sensory garden. The book is Lane’s End.
Bernard was absorbed in learning about the textures that were required for the sensory garden. The landscape gardener was a tall, pretty blonde with a wide mouth and an infectious laugh.She seemed ready to spend extra time with him, searching for ideal materials.She drove him all over the county collecting flints and cobbles, bricks and stones.She taught him how to recognise different trees by their bark alone and he enjoyed closing his eyes and handling the variety of items before they made their selection.It became a game-she would bring him a bag of nuts or seeds and he would have to guess what they were just by touching them.
They were trying out different vegetables and Samantha was laughing hysterically as Bernard rolled a turnip round in his palms.
He was blindfolded and his shoulders were shaking with amusement when the shed door opened and someone else entered the room.Immediately Samantha stopped laughing.Bernard waited, puzzled, but did not remove the blindfold.
“Having fun?” Katie’s voice cut the air.