Playing with words

by juliecround

Now I think I may be getting the hang of this blogging lark. I was on another site about books and they suggested I read Moby Dick, the kind of book I haven’t read since I was at school.I got it out of the library and it toook me right back to the days when I loved Treasure Island. I was wallowing in the language and remembered I always tried to develop my vocabulary in those days. Then I began to imagine how I would describe my feelings about the book. It was like eating a steak and kidney pudding. This led me to compare it with my own novels – more a cheese salad sandwich, and Stephen King’s works – possibly curries? I was going to post this elsewhere and then thought I could try attracting more folk on here. Keith, what are your books-ploughman’s? and chick-lit – jam tarts? Must stop having fun and get on with some work. Wecome, new followers.