Finding your tribe

by juliecround

What a great image that is – for a writer to succeed they have to ‘find their tribe.’ I sold most of my first book to people of my own age group who had similar interests to me. Unfortunately these groups are becoming fewer as society splinters into individuals and much of the communication between folk is done on the internet rather than in social meetings or magazines.My tribe did not have computers or Kindles and relied on like minded people gathering together to support charities with jumble sales and have stalls at local fairs. Graduaaly the numbers declined and the members became less able to put on such events. Now people are refusing to take on positions of authority like chairman or treasurer and without a committee a group cannot function efficiently. I don’t believe many of my tribe are yet computer literate. They used bookshops to choose what to read. I’ll find them, but it will take time. The more activities I take part in, the more new people I shall meet. It is through personal contact that members of my tribe reveal themselves.