The old tribe

by juliecround

More about tribes. My tribe is probably women ( and a few men) over the age of 65 who have enough time to read novels and who usually get them out of the library or from charity shops but sometimes buy them if they are recommended. To enjoy the kind of book I write they have to be sympathetic to those who find life difficult for a number of reasons, whether it be physical or mental, and happy to spend a couple of hours on one book because they are quite hard to put down once the reader is involved with the story. I tried with the first one to base the amount of action on ‘soap’ stories, but more ‘Neighbours ‘ than ‘Coronation Street.’
The ages of the characters cover a great spread, especially in ‘The Third Lane,’ where the heroine is a teenager, but there are also a married couple and plenty of older folk, especially grandma who lives in a mobile home.All the books are set in the South Downs area of Sussex and along the coast. Many places are recognisable but not given their real names.
The first book, Lane’s End’was written for my 90 year old mother but since then they have been purchased by people coming to my talks or at conferences. Mainly, I find they are read and then passed on.They are not the kind of book to keep on a bookshelf but they are ideal for holidays.Reviews on the usual internet website tell much more, but maybe too much!