In the USA

by juliecround

I have just had a surprise. I was looking up sales of the three books I have written on Amazon and decided to check the USA site. Used copies are now for sale in America where I had no idea the very few copies I had sent were available. I must thank the people who read them and then put them on line as it now means my followers in that country can get hold of copies without having to get them from the UK. Mind you, at the moment they are quite expensive, but if the prices here are anything to go by , that will soon change.
Sorry to anyone waiting for the next book. It looks like it will be at least another year before it is out. I keep changing my mind about one difficult character and that is holding up the action. I know , I should write all about the person so that I know them inside out, and , perhaps I will.
If only I had a little office to write in, instead of using the dining room table!