On Air

by juliecround

Drove through the snow yesterday to the recording studio to record a forty minute magazine for the blind. I had a couple of CDs with me, one of a folk singer and one a jazz band. The whole session took an hour and a half and included an interview with Joan Blackburn who has written two autobographies that are selling like hotcakes.
“Naafi, Knickers and Nijmegen” is about her time in the WRAF and “Granddad’s Rainbow ” is her childhood during the war. She has also written the narrative verses in our poetry book and has a great sense of humour.
Maybe my future is in recording rather than writing, although the next novel is progressing slowly.
It’s a pity I’m no good at photography. It looks beautiful outside, although our evening meeting has been cancelled.Must defrost some home made turkey and ham pie as we are not going shopping today.