Folk evening

by juliecround

Went to the Willows last night to hear Ron Trueman-Border. He kept apologising for his voice but the content was as varied and wise as usual and the audience joined in with enthusiasm. The day of the protest song has not gone! Lovely song about Elvis that we had not heard before and The Hedgerow Blues which is on Facebook. Ron is so prolific he writes for other folk singers and he really is something special!
Book news. I have finished my first draft and got sidetracked into looking for cover art when I don’t even know if it is needed for an e-book. I just love searching through photo images.
Now comes the hard part – editing. I’ll print it out first and read some to the writing group, It’s only 80 pages so far. I’m waiting with trepidation to see if anyone liked the magazine we did for the blind. If they didn’t I won’t get asked again and probably will never get any more books recorded!
Roll on Spring.