by juliecround

I know I should be editing but I couldn’t resist looking on the internet to see if there were any images that would make a great book cover. You can spend hours scrolling through the photographs on offer. I mustn’t put off work any longer. I found some great pictures of sunrises and a possible photo of a lady’s legs getting onto a train, but it looked a bit too ‘chick lit’ for me. My covers for the first three books were so appropropriate that I want one just as good, even if it will only be an e-book. I read part of the first chapter to our writing group and they want to know what happens next so I’ve still got the story telling knack! Our magazine for the blind comes out tomorrow and I hope it is OK. It’s my first one and the best bits are the musical interludes, folk and jazz! That’s me for now, I don’t know where all the new readers are coming from but, welcome.