by juliecround

Anyone here going to the NAWG writing festival in Warwick this summer? It used to be held in Durham and that was too far to go but this year I think I might make it.
Winchester just got too hilly and crowded for me. The programme at Warwick looks similar and there is the opportunity to sell books.It is the last weekend in August and although we have already booked three holidays this year I have missed going to a writing weekend by myself.
The plans for our “Sea Scribes” day in Worthing where a number of us are to sign books and talk to prospective writers are well under way. It is great to be able to combine with other writers to promote our work. Wendy is keen for us to keep writing and gives us competitions and publications to encourage us to keep going but, without inspiration, there seems to be so many distractions.
My reading has been disappointing recently,too, as the librarian suggests books that are full of action with no well drawn characters. I firmly believe that men and women do not appreciate the same books.