by juliecround

I wonder if a blog about Worthing writers might attract more visitors. I have just finished a novel by Pam Weaver and found it a very satisfying read. It might be partly because it is set in the town I inhabit but I think it is because of the skillful writing style and the perfect evocation of the times (1940’s) The title is ‘Better Days will Come.’
All the characters were well drawn and the plot intricate enough to keep the reader guessing.
I am hopeless at reviews because I hate giving away the plots but it is a family novel about a pregnant girl running away from home to meet her boyfriend and discovering he has disappeared. Remember the days when you hid from the rent man? A bit before my time, but beautifully described.
For anyone who enjoys family sagas (and they don’t all have to be set in the North East) this is a fine example.