Poetry Book

by juliecround

In readiness for the Writing Festival next week I thought I had better update my poetry knowledge. Shelley, Wordsworth and Robert Frost ( and Shakespeare, of course) don’t seem a great foundation for learning more about poetry. I thought I might try to get up to date, especially with performance poetry, but the book I ordered ( The Faber Book of Modern Verse) didn’t turn out to be quite what I had in mind. Still, it will do as a foundation for more recent verse – then I’ll have to look on bookshops, or rely on someone here telling me where to look. Trouble is, I don’t read the intellectual papers or listen to Radio Four. I have seen some of Ted Hughes’ poetry but not enough to be able to emulate it. All the more reason to hear the lectures. Instead of a picture I’ll add a few lines from one of my poems.

Curtains hide the outside world

My pillow’s soft, my body warm.

No sound disturbs my peace, but thoughts

Invade. What tasks await the dawn?