Writers at Warwick

by juliecround

Packed full of workshops and with a Gala Night Dinner it looked like a great break, especially as there were family living near that I could visit.

I had booked to hear James Nash and Simon Brett but the revelation was Gervais Phinn giving the after dinner speech. Being an ex teacher but not having read his books I found myself laughing out loud and couldn’t sleep that night (nothing to do with the half bottle of wine I had consumed!) I put it down to the mental stimulation of the creative workshops by James and Simon. In the early hours I wrote the following;

Five a.m. I have not slept

It is not laughter, shouts or banging doors

keep me awake.

It is not food or wine, coffee or conversation

that forbids sleep.

It is the opening of a long-shut gate

into a garden of ideas.

All growth had wilted with my long neglect

snail-like I slept

inside old habit’s shell.

But here both sun and rain combine

to heal my garden, and my brain.

I cannot sleep

my head is full of words

like hungry bees they buzz at me to act.

And so I write until the coming dawn.

A novel way, I think,

to spend a night.


[To those who want pictures – I only took one, of the Japanese garden. I may use it another time]