Gervase Phinn

by juliecround

My apologies to Gervase Phinn for being another person to get the spelling of his name wrong in my last blog. I have just started reading ‘The Road to the Dales’ but, although it is easy reading, it hasn’t got quite the charm of seeing him in the flesh.

I still haven’t got over how enormous the campus at Warwick is with all mod. cons. shops , coffee bars and a swimming pool. Going to University in such a place must be really inspiring. Just one weekend has made me return to my next novel and start on the editing. In fact, I doubt if I will be on line much next week as all I want to do is get it finished .

As for reviews, the last novel I read was ‘Don’t let me Go’ by Susan Lewis because it was cheap with The Times. I intend to review it as usual on Librarything but I don’t think this’ tearing at the heartstrings’ genre is quite what I want to carry on reading. There were times when the story of a social worker and an abused child was interesting, especially when they were in New Zealand but I wasn’t sure about the ending.