Soap Box

by juliecround

Must post a comment about the news today that children should not start formal lessons until six or seven. I thought at first it was just a headline to grab attention but I understand it is just a comparison with what other countries do.

I can’t believe that somewhere someone has not suggested that there should be some flexibility about this. When some children start school already reading and others are terrified of words and don’t need formal lessons until they are seven it makes sense to impose a formal structure gradually and not have fixed rules.

What is it with this drive to treat everyone the same? Doesn’t anyone realise that, as individuals, we all have strengths and weaknesses? I was good at English and poor at Maths and it might not have been down to teaching, it could well have been the way my brain works. Now pupils may have to go on studying subjects they hate. What good will that do! Sure, there is a basic level that employers need but, unless GCSE’s have been dumbed down to 11 year old level retaking those examinations will not provide the answer.

Sorry, the teacher in me is never far away!