by juliecround

Just in case you were missing me -we have been out with the Friendship Centre to a skittles and lunch in a local pub. We had three teams with 8 in each team. Each player has 3 balls to send down the indoor track at nine skittles. When the scores were added up our team came third, but only by a small margin!
We had pre-booked the lunches but desserts and coffee were extra and we had a blackboard on which the choices were displayed. I think one of the puddings on offer was apple crumble, and another, ice cream, but the third choice was Pimpled Richard! Apparently the PC brigade had banned the use of the old name.
It took us a few moments to work out what on earth it was and then the image was worse than the previous name! What rot!
As for writing news, I have sent a couple of chapters to a publisher. That should ease things for a bit. Now I can concentrate on Sea Scribes.