non fiction

by juliecround

Here we go again. With four novels completed I feel the need to branch out. I’ll still write the odd poem but I have also started to write my life story – well, not all of it, just little scenes that I remember. I suppose it was Gervase Phinn that started me thinking it was possible to amuse people with stories from the past – and I’m very aware that the nineteen fifties is real history for most people today. Once I began to think what life was like in those days I realised how different times are now.
I remember steam trains and the eleven plus! I even remember rationing – but not well enough to turn it into a story!I’m going on a search for old photos and see what happens.
In other news, I was part of another recording for Voice of Progress this week. For someone whose whole career was based on talking this is a great exercise, and also reminded me of something else to put in the book – my speech training classes! Dad was insistent that I lost my West London accent. I don’t think it went entirely, at least, not until I moved up north, but I did lose my glottal stop!