Taking liberties

by juliecround

With his master in hospital our little dog, Diesel, has been taking liberties. Firstly, he waited until the family were out and then jumped onto a chair, from thence onto the dining table, and snaffled the danish pastries we had stupidly left for our return. Funny thing was, I came back, reached for the bag and only then discovered it was empty – no crumbs, no mess and not even taken to the floor!
The other thing he did was sadder. Dad has a comfortable rocking chair which the dog usually avoids as he doesn’t feel safe when it moves. Two days after his master had been away I got up in the morning, looked into the living room where he usually sleeps in his basket, and found the seat cushion of the rocking chair on the floor! He’d slept in the chair but upset the cushion when he jumped down to be let out!I wouldn’t care but he already has a chair of his own – my old high back chair, that I feel like taking back.
It’s easy enough to keep on looking after him, but I must admit, the birds are getting a raw deal. I don’t go out first thing to feed them. I just put seed out when I remember. The wood pigeon was sitting on the bird table this morning looking very hungry – or greedy!
So Far,so good with everything else. back soon. Julie.