finding your readers

by juliecround

When I began writing novels it was with my elderly mother in mind so’Lane’s End’was aimed at the more mature market. Then, when a publisher said I should write from a women’s viewpoint I wrote ‘Un-Stable Lane’ which is more for the young married reader. It wasn’t until I read a review of ‘The Third Lane’ that I realised this last book was more suited to the young adult market as it was about someone in their late teens.
However, in each case there were only a few viewpoints, with one lead character.
When I tried reading the ‘problem’ book that has been worrying me I realised that there were six main characters and seven viewpoints. There was an intrusive author. SO, not only were the viewpoints mixed in all scenes but the narrator added thoughts and back-stories throughout.
Once I had reread the whole book and sorted that out I gave up as there was no explanation of the grisly details in the plot. Had they been added to provide an element of horror? The story would stand up quite well without them. Did the parents kill their daughter before they drowned in the lake – or did the’devil’ character slit the little dog’s throat? It was never explained.
Oh, how I wish the writer had tried his work out in a writing group, or given it to an editor, before publishing it.It could have been so much better.