Christmas Fair

by juliecround

The Worthing Sea Scribes had a stall at a Christmas Fair today. All our books were on display, along with the new Christmas Anthology. There were a number of craft stalls, with lots of knitted toys and some beautiful pottery but people were browsing, rather than purchasing. I was lucky and made a sale. “Lane’s End” seems to have a following and, at last, I am getting known locally. It has only taken six years!It was by far the best stall in the place and will be a great asset in the future.(Well, maybe the one with eccles cakes ran it close!) Stupidly, I forgot to take my camera so there’s no picture. One day I’ll start using a phone like everyone else! We were also yesterday and I sold a complete trilogy then.
Now all I need is some more groups to book talks. Reading bits out loud usually gets folk interested.
We saw some cousins yesterday and they brought flowers.It’s times like that one feels grateful for family.Now to try to concentrate on Christmas.