A story for children

by juliecround

Jimbo the brown dog

Jimbo the brown dog.

Jimbo opened his eyes and stared around.
The journey in the car had made him sleepy.
He was glad he was in the warm – but where was he?
The other toys in the shop had told him he would be going somewhere.
This must be a house, or a room in a house.
He looked about.
He could see a window with a blind pulled down, blocking some of the light.
Why was that?
He could see a red chair and a grey box shaped thing on a table.
Then the door opened and a man came in.
The man sat on the chair and pressed a button on the box.
“This computer is so slow,” he muttered.
Then a light came on and Jimbo saw pictures on the screen.
The man was tapping at some letters set out in front of him.
“It’s a keyboard,” came a husky voice from behind him.
Jimbo froze. Who was behind him?
“When he’s gone I’ll pop round,” said the voice. “Don’t be afraid. My name’s Smokey.”
“I’m not afraid,” said Jimbo. “I just thought I was the only toy in here.”
“I’ve been here for years,” answered the voice.”It’s a bit boring.”
“Why is that?”
“There are no children living here. It’s a house for old people.”
“Why are we here, then?”
“We are presents. They keep us here for when the children come. There was a boy who put me on his pillow when he went to sleep.”
“I hope there is someone for me.”
“I think there might be. Wait for night time. It will all become clearer then.”
“Are you magic?” asked Jimbo.
“Of course – all gifts have a little bit of magic. You must have – or you wouldn’t be able to talk to me.”
Really? thought Jimbo,Am I really a magic little brown dog?