dog story chapter two

by juliecround

JImbo and the dragon

JImbo and the dragon

Jimbo makes a wish

That night Jimbo woke to find a large red animal staring at him.He had a green chest, large white eyes and a long tail. “I’m a dragon,” he said. “I come from Wales.”
“I don’t know where I come from.” replied Jimbo, “only, there were lots of us – all soft and brown and cuddly – but no-one has cuddled me yet.”
“They will,” said the dragon.”Now, you see that round shape with numbers. That’s a clock – and when both hands point upwards it is midnight and I can grant you a wish. Think, what would you like?”
“I’d like to see the rest of the house,” said Jimbo.
“Mmm – one room might be enough at first. My wishes don’t last for ever. Still, it’s Christmas. Maybe you could see the tree.”
They waited until twelve o’clock and then Smokey seemed to grow larger. Big green wings sprouted from his sides. “Jump on, little dog,” he shouted, “We are going to fly.”