Does being famous make someone happy?

by juliecround

I suppose it depends on the ‘someone.’
There are people who court fame, or notoriety – and seem to flourish in the glare of publicity – but there are others who become famous without trying and who find the loss of privacy agonising.
Singers, actors and footballers can reap the financial rewards of fame and then become miserable and disillusioned when they are no longer in the limelight.
I believe my old school disregarded my complimentary copy of the first novel because I wasn’t famous. If you haven’t heard of an author what interest can you have in what they have to say?
A pity because, as an ex teacher, I would have enjoyed telling the girls that it is possible to be happy and fulfilled without being famous – and I would have been liked to find out how education had changed in the last fifty years.
It is easy enough to find groups of older people who will listen to my memories but each time I approach a school I am ignored.
I don’t intend to give up, though. My mission this year is to find a sixth form or a book club where I can demonstrate the joys of being an author, without ever becoming famous!