dog story chapter five

by juliecround

Goodbye Jimbo

Goodbye Jimbo

The next day Jimbo was excited to hear the visitors arrive. They stayed in the other room and didn’t come to see Jimbo or the dragon. “I wish they’d come to see me,” he whispered to Smokey.
Just then, the door opened and the old lady stepped inside.
“Here we are,” she said to someone behind her,”This is the little toy I was talking about,” and she picked Jimbo up and carried him out of the room. “I thought he would be a lovely present for the baby. He’s very soft.”
“She’ll love him,” said the young woman standing next to her.”I’ll put him outside on the push chair so we don’t forget to take him with us. She’s had so much excitement she’s gone to sleep.”
Jimbo wanted to look back and say goodbye to the dragon but he was marched through the kitchen and out into the garden. He was certainly getting all the adventures a little brown dog could wish for.

That’s enough of that. Our own dog isn’t too well so there’s more serious things to deal with.