more about viewpoint

by juliecround

Have you missed me? I’ve been editing one book and proofreading another(my own). The I read an article in Writing magazine by James McCreet that upset all the usual wisdom. However, it did make sense. For instance, if you have two people discussing something and the reader needs to know what each is thinking it would not be helpful to stay in one viewpoint. As long as it is done with sensitivity and not bouncing the reader from one to the other it can add balance to the scene.
My next problem is with ‘show and tell.’I am reading an MS that is full of people propounding ideas. There must be a market for this type of writing but it seems more suited to the USA. I am probably the wrong person for this author as I try to make something happen on every page ( like a ‘soap’) and in his work he tries to enlighten on every page. Not the same at all!
Anyway, I’ll let you know how I get on with both.