Public Relations

by juliecround

Ok. Just to try to be a little controversial. The papers today are full of pictures of the new women in the UK cabinet.Not much about their previous experience – just what they are wearing.Does he think this will appeal to women voters? Personally, I agreed with most of what Gove was trying to do, although not the way he did it. You can’t go backwards in Education – but there must have been a way to retain what was good in the old system (horses for courses) while not making children think anything other than a degree was second best. I’ve gone on about discovering skills and training for work before but all good education comes down to is finding what the pupil does best and encouraging it.I just hope those in Government have done the same thing with the new ministers and that it is not just window dressing. Do we pick politicians because they look good on TV or because they can cope with the complexities of the job? I wonder.