Do graphs lie?

by juliecround

Having fun with wordpress. Just realised that one tall graph has made all the others smaller. Thanks for the views, folks – all I need now is to know who is reading my stuff.
Then I’d know what they liked best. There are plenty of good writers blogging about books – including those I am beginning to discover on goodreads (ah, maybe that’s where the readers came from!) but my most popular blogs are the ones about diet or music.
I made the title a question because that seems to appeal. Librarything has gone very quiet, which isn’t a bad thing as I will be using the computer for writing in September, not reviewing.
As for reviews, having found Katherine Webb I am now on her third book. I like her writing style and the plots keep me involved.Then I’m back to thrillers. I’d like to make my next novel more dramatic as the man in the library says his readers all want to read crime, but I’m not sure I can manage it.They say reading a genre helps so I’ll keep looking for crime novels – but I just don’t enjoy detective stories. Anyone suggest some psychological crime stories where the protagonist isn’t a detective?