Another ‘Never’ novel.

by juliecround

After writing three novels linked by the word ‘Lane’ I thought I might like to link the next one.
First, I checked with amazon and google to see if the title I wanted had already been used. One of the things I find annoying about books is the proliferation of stories with the same title.
Then I started to imagine the characters. This was easy as some of them already appeared in ‘Never Run Away.’ There have been discussions about whether it is better to write one book or a trilogy. Sales-wise, the success of a trilogy depends on people who bought the first book buying the other two.
As I only publish in the hundreds this has not, so far, proved a problem. Most of the books in the trilogy have been sold.(or given away to friends and family)
As for ‘Never…’ I have a couple of scenes on paper but nothing on computer yet.
I’ll give you the start when I know what it is!
Character 1. A middle aged woman who has inherited a house on the South coast.