‘Never’ again. August 31st.

by juliecround

I have begun to transfer scenes from notebooks to computer but find I am reluctant to reveal the actual text on line. It comes from knowing I may change it later on. I have one conversation between Adrian and Carole about whether she should change her name when they are married. She was reluctant but it was all sorted. Then she went north to tell the baby’s father what was about to happen.As he wasn’t on the birth certificate having Gary adopted should be simple – although likely to take longer than Adrian expects.
Now Carole is home, preparations are in train for the wedding in August ( because Adrian is a schoolteacher)
I have some advice about the marriage, with poems instead of prayers and hymns and am plotting to introduce a new character – the best man.
My reading has been abandoned in favour of writing.
The rules about adoption have changed recently and may be simpler than I expect. I’m thrashing around on line trying to find the answers but a lot of what is on there goes back five years. One has to check the dates when one looks for information!