‘Never’ again. Sept.9th.

by juliecround

I have finally got all the various bits and pieces I had in notebooks onto the computer. I printed out the first chapter and found two errors in spite of proof reading on the screen. It is not as good as proof reading from manuscript.I’ll be using plenty of paper but what I usually do is reduce the font size to reduce the pages. I haven’t numbered them yet as I might move them around but once I have written a lot it is easier to find out where changes are needed when the pages have numbers.
My most recent task is to work out what all the characters are doing on the different days of the week. I can’t have one going to work when they should be at home looking after the baby!
I see most folk have stopped reading my efforts already. Sorry to lose you but hope I might have made you look up my other books. I’m getting more copies of “Never Run Away” printed as I have sold the first 100.