‘Never’ again Sept.12th.

by juliecround

I thought I was on track. I wrote a couple of scenes and went about my usual activities. Then I came back to them and decided they didn’t work. The first one was boring (I try to make something interesting happen on every page)and the second one would lead to consequences that would ruin the story. If a medical condition forces someone to get into a position that does not enhance the plot you just can’t give them that condition!
The internet is quite helpful in research into that kind of thing. I needed the character to be able to drive and I was about to give him a heart attack -scene abandoned!
The internet is also helpful when going to a venue results in nobody being around to help but a website gives the information required. That also happened to me this week. It’s not that I’m giving up writing – it’s just that I want the story to be realistic.
I had one lighthearted moment – when I read my latest poem to the folk at West Sussex Writers’ AGM. They are full of good ideas for next year and it is just a pity the meetings clash with another event most months.