by juliecround

Goodreads is driving me mad. I have put a blog post on there but nobody has ever read it. I don’t believe it comes up on anything social although it should be included among the author blogs. I don’t know what to do when I see the rss feed sign and I did once see a review of my books but I can’t find it now.
People have to go all round the houses to find a paperback copy of ‘Never Run Away,’ on amazon just because I haven’t used a distributor. I thought about going on the marketplace but it is just too expensive to post copies to the USA, especially when they can read it as an ebook.
The computer won’t let me use librarything any more so this is the only place I can use to grumble. I’ll put more reviews on when I find books I really like and hope, one day, someone might respond. Don’t tell me to use facebook!