‘Never’ again. Sept.26th.

by juliecround

Hallo folks, nice to see two people from UK. I got lost trying to edit this post and found a comments button, then lost the whole post.
I now have thirty pages written. I write organically so I let the characters dictate the story and ,so far, I’m happy with where we are going.
I didn’t reply to a comment about amazon but I have stopped checking it for the last paperback now. The ebook has see inside and that will do for now. I have a super bookmark with all four books on and I give one to anyone who seems interested.
My last talk for this year is next month. “From Manuscript to Microphone,” takes listeners from my beginnings as an author to the readings of poems and stories on recordings for the blind.The WI are interviewing me next year for their speaker panel.
I must get on with research now – something I hate doing – but it is necessary. I already got criticised last night for the cover of “Never Run Away.” I think it is Sussex but as I didn’t take the photo I can’t be certain!