‘Never’ again. Sept 29th.

by juliecround

Thirty nine pages written and more stuff rejected as I go along. I spent this morning re reading ‘Never Run Away’to make certain the setting and the characters were consistent. There are conflicting views as to whether it is better to write a single free-standing book and hope it gets noticed or write a number of books so that people begin to recognise you as an author.I get so involved with my characters’ lives that one book is never enough. (No-that’s not the title – although it’s a good one, isn’t it?)
I’m out tomorrow evening recording again. It would be nice to have all my books on audio but I couldn’t afford to do it the way I did the first one – in a music recording studio.I had to pay for the time and five CD’s took a lot of hours! Mind you, it was so polished I would hesitate to try to do it on computer, without a technician.
I’ll go back to scribbling, now, and resurface when I have anything useful to say.