‘Never’ again Oct.4th.

by juliecround

Anyone else trying to do research on Google and not finding the answer? It looks like I shall have to try talking to a human being. I was hoping to find out exactly what is put on the passport of an adopted child and if they can tell they are adopted by looking at it. I’ll look on my own but that may not give me the answer. I found out they need someone with parental responsibility to sign the form and I suspect that the only way they could find out was from their long birth certificate.I’d like to get it right before I continue with the story as it will make a difference as to how everyone involved reacts.
I read a little piece to my writing friends, the ‘sea scribes’ but I still need someone with personal experience.
Meantime I’m moving my reviews to Goodreads and will try to list all the Stephen King books I have read so that I can start on the others!