”Never’ again. Oct 7th.

by juliecround

Great to get feedback from folk reading my blog. Today my computer writing caught up with my longhand so I’ll have to continue the story.
Meanwhile, I had a really good day yesterday. I met a group of WI members – readers and writers, and told them all about my experiences as a writer. Many of them knew about the Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook but nobody had been to Winchester so I urged them to give it a try.
We had a discussion about editing and proof reading and I read them a poem from ‘Honey and Humbug’ which made them interested in purchasing copies but I only have three left.
One member said I should ebook the ‘Lane’ trilogy but I told her about the audiobook and how I believed the people who like that series are not into ‘kindle.’
I must be about a quarter of the way through this latest novel now and wish to jump a few years. The easiest way will be to make the next chapters Part Two. I haven’t dated the story so I don’t feel like putting a year or ‘five years later.’ I’ll sleep on it.