‘Never’ again. Oct.16th.

by juliecround

Twenty thousand words on paper and I want to write all the time. I did read a page or two to the ‘Sea Scribes’ yesterday and just being with them helped me with an odd problem. I think it’s my age. When I’m writing sometimes a single word escapes me and I put a dash, hoping I’ll remember it later. This happened twice this week but while I was listening to the others read both words popped into my head. It really helps to be among other writers.
Having the bathroom changed into a shower room didn’t help. I was afraid it would cause problems with the electrics but we escaped with only a snapped door handle.Now we’ve been invited to have a ‘smart’ meter and send all out details by mobile phone signal. I hate the idea but I suppose there’s no stopping progress!
Being old also influences the way people communicate in the book. I was about to send a character to the library to check on something when I realised they’d use a phone or a computer.We haven’t got a sat nav but the man in the story would definitely have one.
All this could be picked up by an editor but I’m trying to do the best I can before we reach that stage.
If I carry on like this the first draft should be done by the New Year!