‘Never’again Oct.24th.

by juliecround

Come to a grinding halt with the story because I need to do legal research. I usually write from personal experience but this time I have somebody doing something I have no knowledge of and I think I had better get it right. I know some writers , especially those who write historical novels, love to do research and when I see how many people have contributed to works I suppose I have been really lazy.
Being a writer means you are constantly learning more about the craft and yesterday I met up with some members of the Society of Women Writers and Journalists. The meeting was in Chichester, a town I have not visited before and , although the exercise we did was stimulating ( we had to write about a place that was special to us) and the talk was informative the lunch in a local cafe was a disappointment. I went on line to do a review and it appears it does not exist.I wonder if it has changed its name. I won’t say where it is but the organic soup was cold.