‘Never’again. Oct.26th.

by juliecround

Ever got so bound up in your own story that you feel you are in their world and resent coming back to reality? I’m half way through the new book now and still letting the characters dictate the plot. I know some folk would say I need to know how it ends, but I don’t. let’s hope it’s with a bang , not a whimper (That’s a funny looking word!) I wrote ‘wholly’ today and that looked funny, too, but I checked in the dictionary and it’s right. Do you all have a dictionary and a thesaurus handy while you write – or do you rely on spell check?
Now I’m not on Librarything I’m having to keep a written record of the books I’m getting out of the library. I don’t feel like putting them all on Goodreads – some of them are not so good. As soon as I get one I really enjoy I’ll review it here. Welcome, new followers.