by juliecround

IMG_0233 phil
Phil Green and Jane Grover at Woodies folk club, Clapham and Patching Hall. Sorry I caught them looking so serious but the set was great, with Phil’s self penned song, Long Furlong, the highlight.
For those expecting another chapter of the ‘Never’ saga – I have so much in a notebook I need time to transfer it to computer.I have introduced an element of crime which will need checking by an expert but I think I know the ending, now.
Working out how old everyone is in relation to each other is still a trial as I need to skip months to keep the action fresh. Last problem was ‘How old is the dog?’as I’d moved on eighteen years, so I had to indicate that it had passed away.
Christmas invitations are mounting, and clashing, but at least we had fun watching our granddaughter run round the garden this week.Simple things bring such joy.