‘Never’ again. Nov.2nd.

by juliecround

Back on line after a hiccup with out router. While I haven’t been reading e-mails I have been writing and the first draft of the new novel is now finished. However, I am one of those writers who write too little, not too much, so my first edit is always to add detail I have forgotten. I have three chapters printed and have had help with the part I didn’t know much about.It is strange writing crime but if that’s what people like – then that’s what they’ll get. I must admit we do prefer crime stories to hospital soaps on TV.
Talking about TV. As a Pointless addict I am surprised at the number of questions on films.I wouldn’t do well on that, or on ‘The Chase,’but do enjoy watching them.
I don’t suppose these programmes are available in the USA and they wouldn’t be the same without Bradley Walsh, Richard Osman and Alexandra Armstrong. (and Mark ‘the beast.’)