‘Never’ again.Nov.7th.

by juliecround

One of the best things about self publishing is the power to choose your own book cover.
Having completed the first draft of this latest novel I began to imagine what I would like to see on the cover.
I looked back at the covers of ‘Lane’s End’ ‘Un-Stable Lane’ and ‘The Third Lane’ as many authors seem to have a distinct style ( chosen, presumably, by the publisher) but as ‘Never Run Away’ looked very different that is really the only one I would want to try to match.
All my covers except the first have been landscapes and I do wonder if having a human being in the picture might make it more appealing.
My first idea was to look at the stock photos on line but nothing felt right. There is a dramatic happening in the book but if I use that as the illustration I’m giving the game away, aren’t I? People might be waiting for that scene and it isn’t near the start.
Also – this is the first story that has taken place over a number of years. If I use a character do I make them a child or an adult?
Naturally we will use the same font for the cover text and I still have to write the blurb for the back. meanwhile I keep thinking of bits I want to add so I still can’t concentrate on competitions or writing group ‘homework.’
Hubby was laughing at me because I type with two fingers. So what – it works!