The Christmas Witch

by juliecround

Santa and the elves were busy packing toys for Christmas when there was a knock on the door.
Standing outside was a skinny old lady with a black cloak and long grey hair.
When she opened her mouth to speak the elves shouted, “Go away – you old witch. We don’t want your kind here. You’re not welcome at Christmas.”
“Please let me in,” said the old woman. “They’ve turned my cave into a fairy grotto and I’ve nowhere to live. I won’t be a nuisance”
“No,” said the chief elf. “You would do black magic and spoil the children’s presents.”
“I promise not to,” said the witch. “Why don’t you ask Santa if I can stay?”
The elves shut the door. It was getting cold with all the snow blowing in.
“Go and get Santa,” ordered the chief elf.”I’ll guard the door.”
When Santa heard about the witch he scratched his white beard. “We could do with some magic , here,” he said, “The reindeer have all gone off their food.They won’t be strong enough to pull my sleigh on Christmas Eve.Let her in.”
When they told the witch the problem she said, “I think I can help,” so they took her to the stables.
“When they wouldn’t eat hay I tried the with sugared almonds and chocolate ginger and marzipan mice but they won’t eat,” said the elf.
“Can you find some celery and cream cheese?” said the witch. “I expect they need a change.”
So the elves fetched what she had asked for. She snapped off a piece of celery and dipped it in the cheese, holding it out to the reindeer. He sniffed it and then opened his mouth and munched happily.
The other reindeer were soon all feeding.
“I think you’d better stay,” said Santa. “Thank you,witch.”
“I’d be grateful if you called me Gloria,” she replied.”That would make me really happy.”
And that’s how Gloria became the Christmas Witch.