‘Never’ again Nov.15th

by juliecround

Hurtling towards the end of the first draft and beginning to worry about the length. My first book was 74 thousand words and the next two about 60 thousand. The last one was under 50 thousand and I thought that was OK as I was going to put it on kindle. Now I get told that that is NOT a novel – it’s a novella!
I put a couple of books into a Christmas fair today. Each time I give one away I know it reduces my chances of ever making a profit but when the aim is to get readers it may be worth it. Thanks to all the folk putting Never Run Away on facebook. If the famous person I posted a copy to lets me know they like it I’ll tell you who it was – otherwise I’ll go on carrying a copy around with me, in hope.
I have started reading Joan Blackburn’s latest book – ‘A Tailor’s Daughter,’ It is certainly more interesting than the novels I have been struggling with recently.
Looking forward to the Pavilion Fair. I had fun designing a poster this morning. Christmas getting too close.