‘Never’ again. Nov.16th.

by juliecround

First draft now printed – but I ran out of black ink so some is blue and some is red. Now to sit down, read through and find all the mistakes. Then I need to add about two thousand words to make it up to fifty thousand. Then I send it to an editor. Then I check it over, change what is necessary and let the book designer have it. I have firm ideas for the cover but am open to suggestions from him or from family members I have consulted about photos.
I will look on line again but last time I searched nothing seemed to fit.
I love writing the blurb for the back. I think I did one a few weeks back but I don’t know where I put it. It looks as if it could be out by next Christmas and I’ll probably ebook it, too, if ‘Never Run Away’ did OK in that format. I’m still waiting to hear from the printer how many downloads they had as I left it all to them (computer-phobe!)
Suffering from a heavy cold at present so may go quiet.