‘Have you ever?’ Dec 10th.

by juliecround

Have you ever gone through your draft, looking to see where you could improve the vocabulary?
I write in such a rush I use the first word that comes into my head, even if it isn’t perfect. Going over the story again I find places where I have used the same word in consecutive sentences, so I try to think of an alternative. Then, reading it out loud, some words are just unsatisfactory. Somewhere in the depths of my mind there is a better word. This happened this week with the new ‘Never’ manuscript.
I had written ‘friendly’ but changed it to ‘benign.’ Oh what a lovely word ( not used often because of the peculiar spelling?)
Today I am off to ‘Worthy Words’ our writing group in Worthing library. We have been told to bring something amusing to read so I’m taking ‘Honey and Humbug’ the poetry book with a funny poem about Santa written by Bryan.
Our five and two diet will have to be abandoned, temporarily, as we have too many Christmas meals booked. I don’t know about the goose getting fat – I know I shall! We’ll try again in the New Year.Merry Christmas!