Goodbye 2014

by juliecround

Having had Christmas with the family early now all that remains is to try to clear the decks for 2015.
Our house is jam packed with books, files , papers and bills. I started to clear one bag full yesterday and found it so hard to throw away information. I chucked out writing magazines,out of date minutes, old letters and diaries and drafts of stories and poems I had written. Hubby is being tidy minded, too. He’s updating the Christmas card list. Many people we knew have moved house – downsizing, I suppose and some are on e-mail and send great cards over the internet.
We had a lovely Chinese meal at the Imperial China restaurant in Worthing – very festive and Ben and I shared a bird in a bird in a bird in a bird on Christmas Eve. Now all we have to do is find a reason to drink a bottle of fizzy white wine.( We usually drink South African red or German white.)
The ‘Never’ story is waiting for the proof reader to finish. Meanwhile I’ve started entering short story competitions. I get really moody if I’m not writing – which is why I’m back here.
Happy New Year to all my followers. J.