‘Never’ again and more.

by juliecround

The new Year has begun with a resolution to try to make space in our little bungalow.
It will help when the next book is completed, but each time I look at it I want to change something.
I find looking backwards very difficult and this includes editing. I want to plan ahead, give myself something to look forward to – but I find I’m getting more timid in my old age.
Leaving ‘Never’ on one side I entered a short story competition and intend to try some more.
I am relying on future talks to sell all four books. The ‘Lane’ stories are now sold together, as a trilogy, for a reduced price – to make room for the next books. ‘Never Run Away’ will rely on the new book for sales from now on. That won’t be a trilogy, but the two books are about the same characters.
I wonder if it is possible to start another novel before I get this one out? That might cheer me up, but it won’t get the Spring cleaning done!
As for reading, the latest Rosie Thomas book makes me realise how far I need to travel to be a good writer.
Maybe my style is different, but I’d like to improve. if possible. Then, perhaps, I’d stand a chance of being discovered!
As for buying books – I only buy books for other people, partly because there’s no room for them and partly because I have all the classics and, with two exceptions,I only read a new book once. The exceptions? ‘Cross My Heart’ by Helen Slavin and ‘My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece’ by Annabel Pitcher.